IRS Warns of New Phishing Scams

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There has been an outbreak of two new variations on phishing scams targeting taxpayers. In one, scammers use phone calls to try to convince you that your SSN is at risk of being “deactivated” and may state that this is due to overdue taxes or just generic “illegal activity.” In another, scammers are sending letters in the mail warning of delinquent taxes owed to non-existent agencies, such as the “Bureau for Tax Enforcement.” In each, scam artists are attempting to get you to provide your SSN, bank account numbers, and other personal information. If you receive any suspicious notifications, you should NOT engage in any communication with the sender.

As a reminder, you should NEVER provide your sensitive information to someone who calls you on the phone regardless of caller ID. The IRS will never leave pre-recorded voice messages and will not communicate with you by phone or e-mail unless an agent is already working with you on an issue. You should NOT believe anyone just because they already know some of your personal information, like your SSN and DOB, since this information is traded by cybercriminals. If you have any questions, please contact one of our tax professionals at (225) 927-6811.


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Guy Reddick, CPA

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