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With roots as an established Baton Rouge CPA firm, we see the whole picture. We understand that your retirement plan does not function in a vacuum but is instead affected by many different facets of your business. Our taxation, payroll and compensation experience allows us to always be one step ahead, identifying potential challenges and providing solutions to challenges you may not have even known could affect the retirement plan. Rest assured that we are passionate, trustworthy advocates in constant coordination with all the services providers integral to your retirement plan.

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PROVIDER: The plan provider is the mutual fund company, brokerage firm, or other financial services company that creates, sells and manages the pension plan (i.e. Nationwide, Transamerica, John Hancock).

ADVISOR: The advisor provides a better understanding of the industry, the providers, the funds, the fees and available technology, offers investment advice and negotiates fees and contracts.

THIRD PARTY ADMINISTRATOR (Sentinel): The TPA handles plan design illustrations, contribution and forfeiture allocations, annual compliance testing, preparation of Form 5500 and more.


Finishing the Pension Puzzle

Generally, third party administrators provide the same suite of services. But these services are just one piece of the puzzle when working towards a successful retirement plan. Sentinel takes a holistic approach to the administration and management of your retirement plan, ensuring that Sentinel will provide the solutions and guidance your plan needs, no matter the situation.

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Standard TPA Services

All-Inclusive Third Party Administration.

  • Plan design illustrations

  • Contribution and forfeiture allocations

  • Annual compliance testing

  • Verification of eligible employees

  • Preparation of Form 5500

  • Loan administration

  • Distribution processing

  • Fielding of all participant and plan sponsor inquiries


Correction & Audit Support

Navigation with the IRS & DOL.

At Sentinel, we have the experience and licensed consultants to help you navigate any corrective or audit situation that your plan may face with the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Labor or Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation.

Advanced Plan Design Services

Not every retirement plan fits the mold.

At Sentinel, our knowledge in alternative plan designs ensures that you have the right retirement plan for your employees and your business. In addition to 401(k) plans, we specialize in:

  • 403(b) plans

  • 457(b) plans

  • nonqualified deferred plans, e.g., 409A

  • defined benefit plans, e.g., cash balance plans

Strategic Plan Development & Solutions

Guiding you through an ever-changing landscape.

Sentinel uses its business acumen and taxation experience to continually review your retirement plan, ensuring that it is pertinent and in-sync with the ever-changing landscape of your business. For example, Sentinel has the expertise to help your retirement plan move smoothly through business transactions such as mergers and acquisitions which can result in controlled group and affiliated service group situations. 

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